Systems & Processes


GreenerZone uses a combination of 4 processes to transform food waste into a useful end product. Three of these processes uses state-of-the-art automated systems: The Citypod, The Gaia 100 Dehydrator, and The AD 0025 Anaerobic Digester.  Continuous flow Vermi-composting uses “red wriggler” earthworms to manually process feed-stock in piles.

The CITYPOD, is a leader in automated aerobic food waste processing solutions, suitable for in/outdoor installations.  The GAIA 100 Dehydrator takes the moisture out of food waste making storage and transport of feed-stock easy, reducing the volume by 90%. The mobile AD 0025 Anaerobic Digester extracts energy from food waste and generates power, and can be set up close to urban environments while supporting electrical needs of users.



The CITYPOD enables the processing of up to 40 kilos a day with 8 kilos daily expressed from other end.  It can handle 2 – 3 fully operational restaurants in terms of daily food waste capacity – 85 lbs per day.


GAIA 100

The dehydrator is capable of macerating and dehydrating 100 kilos of feedstock per cycle.  After about 8 hours, the operator opens a little door at the bottom and presses a ‘discharge’ button.  Within 10 minutes, the entire contents (granulated dehydrated organics) in the chamber is purged weighing in at 10 kilos.



The HORSE (High Output Recycling Solids and Electricity) is a prototype from Impact Bioenergy, a new generation of Anaerobic Digesters capable of producing a concentrated liquid fertiliser and energy in th eform of biogas or electricity.



Vermiculture is a very simple method that involves “Red Wiggler” worms, and millions of other microbes to consume macerated food waste.  The waste is piled into windrows, and an operator combs the surface of this windrow every 3 days to separate the newly formed organic compost until the feed-stock is fully consumed.  When new feed-stock is applied, the Red Wigglers migrate to the food leaving their live soil to feed.  The live soil is then separated to become the plant food needed to grow the next cycle of life.

Vermiculture is an activity that puts Zen into the heart and mind of participants. – AERON JENSAN

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