Where do I start?

The quickest and easiest way to determine where to start is to examine that round file. Yes, we mean the garbage can where stuff goes when it doesn’t have a better place. It could be the dumpster at the back of your business (if you have one) or the container(s) you may have for collecting stuff you have determined is garbage. Make yourself a list: What amount of paper, card-stock, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, food are we looking at? Typically, 82% of office/home recycling is considered garbage. This is largely a combination of packaging, used containers, paper, glass, metal, electronics and food waste.

  • First step is to set up a Blue Box Plus container where you can re-direct much of what would otherwise be garbage. Use a transparent bag as a liner. Secondly, inform others in your office/home environment that this Blue Box Plus container exists, and is there for their use as well.
  • Next time you are working and disposing of ‘whatever’, ask yourself: “Is this recyclable?” Chances are, your answer will be “Yes”. Simply use the recycling container instead. Once the container is full, tie up the bag, insert another liner.
  • Arrange with our recycling service for pick-up.

Why recycle?

To start, there are many reasons why but the most important one is that it simply feels better to re-use, re-purpose, repair materials that can be recycled. This is because everything in nature has its own recycling program and you are a big part of that plan. You can suggest that it may cost more money or it makes better sense out of sight and out of mind but down deep you know that as long as we continue to incinerate and landfill stuff that doesn’t get where it needs to go, that we’re contributing to a problem instead of solving it. Solutions are usually simple choices that we make or not. Solutions are within our means when we source separate. You may think “well it isn’t much”, and you may be right.  By the end of the week your total garbage may only weigh 10lbs, but how many home and office environments produce that 10lbs of garbage per week that could be reduced to 2lbs? It’s likely hundreds, just on your block or building. Consider this, your 8 pounds of recycling can become 8,000lbs or 4 tons of garbage when including your small section of town. Be a leader, advocate recycling. Make the initiative to source separate. We all know our environment is better off with systems that regenerate life rather than destroy it through toxins and contamination in our ground and atmosphere. Let’s get it right: Source Separate.

How do I get separated recycling where it needs to go?

Depending on where you work, there will be options available.  Some companies assume their janitorial staff take it to the right places. Sadly, many janitorial companies typically put recycling with the garbage so they can focus on cleaning and their clean-up work detail. Some businesses have bins for one or the other specific materials that can be compacted and sent to recycling centers. These bins may or may not be locked for private use and they almost always restrict mixed recycling. Give us a call at 604 783-1221 to find out more about our pick-up services.


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