Weekly Recycling Blue Box Plus

Your garbage collection system may not care, but you can.

  • Weekly
  • $20.00
    Up to 100lb Per Pick Up
  • 10 Min Visit
  • Medium/Large Sized Businesses
  • Beverage Containers / Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper – Food Waste
  • Order Now
  • Bi-Weekly
  • $35.00
    Up to 200lb Per Pick Up
  • 20 Min Visit
  • Small/Medium Sized Businesses
  • Beverage Containers / Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper – Food Waste
  • Order Now
  • On Call
  • $40.00
    Up to 300lb Per Pick Up
  • 30 Min Visit
  • Convenient and Flexible
  • Beverage Containers / Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper – Food Waste
  • Order Now


Westland Insurance. Aeron from Captain Recycling has been servicing Westland for the past 7 years and I would definitely recommend him to other businesses. He is always happy to accommodate our extra requirements with little or no previous notice and takes pride in his work.  Also, his rates are extremely competitive.

Barbara Felton, administrative Assistant
Westland Insurance Group Ltd.


MNP Accounting. We’ve had Aeron from Captain Recycling service our business for recycling over the past 3 years and would definitely refer his service to other businesses in the neighborhood. We’re proud to be a “green” company and encourage more to do the same.

Meryle Ardagh, CPA
MNP accounting and consulting


Gaia GC 100 Packages

The Gaia Food Waste Dehydrator comes in three packages:

– Installation at your location. Greenerzone will collect residuals at a fee- Installation at your location. The package includes collection of residuals by Greenerzone- Installation at your location. The package will provide labour to operate the Gaia, and collection of residuals.


Waste Audits

Greenerzone staff will provide a comprehensive analysis of your current waste disposal, and provide you with a report detailing the cost benefits of alternative recycling and composting options. There is a $95 fee, which will be waived if no costs savings are apparent.









Gaia Output

The Gaia residuals can be spread in a thin layer over depleted soil. With the addition of water every 24 hours, over a period of 4 days, a thick growth of mycelium spreads over the entire area within a few hours. This is a building block for healthy soil.  One of the primary roles of fungi in an ecosystem is to decompose organic compounds. Petroleum products and some pesticides (typical soil contaminants) are organic molecules (i.e., they are built on a carbon structure), and thereby present a potential carbon source for fungi. Hence, fungi have the potential to eradicate such pollutants from their environment unless the chemicals prove toxic to the fungus. This biological degradation is a process known as bioremediation.








CityPod Compost

CityPod Compost is an excellent deep brown high-fibre compost well-suited to general landscaping uses. LiveSoil has the texture and look of ground-up coffee, and can be shipped globally as an excellent plant starter: just add water, and you have the building blocks of fabulous soil. Worms from Vermi-compost help build a wonderfully diverse community of micro-organisms ideally suited to most of your gardening needs.

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