Turning Garbage into Recycling

Did you know that most garbage that goes into dumpsters is actually recycling? 82% now goes to landfill and incineration (metal 4%, glass 5%, plastic 10%, paper 17%, organics 46%).


GreenerZone supports sustainable agriculture by turning an unpleasant problem – food waste - into a rich organic soil.


State of the Art systems are used to carefully control variables to ensure a quality output.
Source Separate

Source Separate

GreenerZone is a sustainable zero waste initiative that involves picking up Blue Box plus materials and features emerging technologies in the processing of food waste. Owner Aeron Jensan researches and develops high quality compost and soils made locally from the varied sources of food-waste that he collects from his recycling business.
Systems & Processes

Systems & Processes

A combination of mechanized and manual systems deliver a variety of outputs, which are then combined to produce various nutrient-rich quality soil products.
Product Line

Product Line

Each of the products developed by GreenerZone serve specific purposes as stand-alone growing media, or as enhancements to depleted soils.

MISSION STATEMENT: GreenerZone makes healthy soils that grow healthy food to help make healthy people.

Did You Know? Canadian farmers lose more than $1 billion per year in farm income through soil degradation. Loss of quality soil to grow agricultural crops is an increasing global issue. GreenerZone is working to address this issue.

The Spring Cleaning Season Begins

The Greenerzone is offering a 1-day $25 (per) large item pick-up service – the perfect way to dispose of an old fridge, deep Freeze, TV, BBQ, couch, old mattress or any other large item that is not in use. Contact us to learn more.

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